Ponding water, a.k.a. “birdbaths” are a common issue among city streets and residential areas.  Homeowners will begin to complain when water stands in front of their driveway, blocking them from their mailbox. These birdbaths are formed as water erodes subgrade soils, causing the pavement to settle. This creates a dip that holds water.  At Nortex, our crews fix problems like these every day.  Our foam is hydrophobic, so it is unaffected by wet soil conditions and successfully removes unwanted water beneath the pavement. The injection of polyurethane material lifts the concrete to its proper grade, creating positive water flow which removes all standing water. This process strengthens foundation soils, eliminates future pavement settlement, and extends the life of the road for years, even decades. 



The project below shows a couple parking spaces at an elementary school that had dropped about 5 inches, effectively holding water around the clock. Water had been trapped in the spaces for so long that even the parking curbs were beginning to deteriorate. Despite their convenient location (at the front entrance of the campus), they remained vacant due to the amount of water and debris they contained. 

High-density polyurethane foam was injected beneath the pavement, which lifted the spaces back to their original elevation.  This allowed the trapped water to run off and the debris to be removed. The project took 3 hours start to finish, and the spaces could be utilized immediately after the project was complete. 




The two projects pictured in the gallery below were large birdbaths that formed in residential areas. These areas had created a significant standing water problem and were considered hazardous. The inconvenience had upset many homeowners living in the area. 

Raising such large areas of pavement to eliminate standing water may seem like a difficult problem to solve. However, our injection process solves this issue quite easily. We were able to complete each of these projects in one day, while keeping at least one lane open for traffic at all times. The injection process may be a quick fix, but the effects are long-lasting. Both projects were completed 8 years ago, and they have remained dry to this day. 




The photos below are a collection of other standing water projects.  Ponding water/curb displacement issues are the most common type of problems Nortex crews are requested to fix. On average, Nortex crews may complete 3-4 separate ponding water/curb displacement projects per day. The reliability and convenience of polyurethane foam injection, compared to full depth repair, mudjacking or any other type of solution, is unparalleled.