Over time, poor base and sub-grade soils can lead to cracking and severe pavement settlement of airfield runways.  Quick repairs are imperative to safely resume flight operations in the shortest time possible.  Our high-density polyurethane injection process provides the most efficient and time effective solution to this problem.



Bridge approach and departure slab settlement is a common problem that many transportation departments are forced to deal with.  It has been found that water penetration accompanied with constant impact loading on unstable foundation soils cause this settlement.  If ignored, settlement can increase up to several inches, creating unsafe driving conditions.  By injecting high-density polyurethane foam beneath the pavement, the approach and/or departure slabs can be lifted back to their proper grade and elevation.  The foam injection stabilizes and strengthens the poorly compacted foundation soils, eliminating future settlement and erosion from water intrusion.

faulted pavement


Poorly compacted foundation soils, water penetration, and increasing heavy tractor trailer loads are the main causes of faulted pavement.  Nortex has pioneered a process we call “PolyGrinding” which not only provides a solution for the issues below the slabs, but also solves the problem on top of the slab by improving ride quality. The injection of high-density polyurethane combined with concrete joint grinding allows us to properly repair and strengthen the soils below, and grind down any offset joints above - all under the same lane closure. Many cities and transportation departments have found this process to be a quick, cost effective, and long lasting solution vs. full depth repair or dowel bar retrofit.



There is no question that most businesses would not welcome extended periods of down-time to their daily operations.  This is why Nortex provides flexible scheduling, along with time effective solutions.  Our foundation lifting process extends the life of settled slabs that are still in good shape.  We offer the best alternative solution to full depth replacement, which typically saves businesses weeks of down-time or more.



Problems that arise within a city’s infrastructure can be very costly, especially when considering full depth operations.  Nortex specializes in innovative repairs to address leaks, voids and deterioration of large diameter pipes, culverts and other associated structures including manholes and drop inlets.  We have the knowledge and experience to fix these issues, avoiding costly repairs and providing a time efficient solution.  

ponding water


Ponding water, a.k.a. “birdbaths” are a common issue among city streets and residential areas.  Homeowners may complain when water stands in front of their driveway, blocking them from their mailbox. These birdbaths are formed as water erodes subgrade soils, allowing the pavement to settle. This creates a dip that holds water.  At Nortex, our crews fix problems like these every day.  Our foam is hydrophobic, so it is unaffected by wet soil conditions, allowing it to successfully remove unwanted water beneath the pavement. The injection of polyurethane material lifts the concrete to its proper grade, allowing the standing water to flow properly. This process strengthens foundation soils, eliminating future settlement, and extending the life of the road for years.



Sidewalks have a tendency to settle quite easily.  This settling creates trip hazards around drop inlets, at curbs, handicapped ramps and many other locations. Sidewalks are lightweight in comparison to other concrete structures, and lifting them successfully requires extensive knowledge and experience to avoid over lifting. Nortex’s sidewalk division consists of three crews that specialize in lifting and leveling all types of sidewalk trip hazards. This division has many years of success and can be relied on to get the job done right.

soil densification, deep injection


Faulted pavement and other pavement surface failures are often caused by weak or insufficient support in the foundation soils.  Patching or replacing the surface pavement can be costly and only temporarily fixes the problem.  Ignoring the root of the problem will lead to premature failure of the replaced surface.  Even the replacement of foundation soils becomes ineffective when trying to compact in a small area, such as beneath bridge approach and departure slabs. However, Nortex offers a solution to this problem. Injecting high-density polyurethane material at intervals of greater depths have shown to strengthen sub-grade soils sufficiently enough to extend the life of the surface pavement.